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Reliure   Periodical Preparation Service


This service enables you to have periodicals prepared for binding in our bindery unit, subject to certain charges. You can perform this task on your own prior to submitting your publication to us for binding; however, you must follow our preparation procedures very carefully to avoid impairing the binding process. Periodical preparation requires much knowledge and experience that only our employees have, and other than in rare cases, we prefer performing this task ourselves. To facilitate our task of binding your periodicals, please contact us before undertaking your own preparation work.

Preparation Steps:

1) Issues:

  • Make sure all issues of the periodicals are accounted for.
  • Make sure all issues are in numerical and/or chronological order.

2) Staples:

  • Remove all metal staples from spine, if applicable.

3) Title Page*:

  • Place title page at the beginning of binding.
  • Keep front cover of first issue only if title page is missing.

* Title page is usually found at the end of the last issue.

4) Annual Summary (or Annual Table of Contents)1:

  • If paginated in roman numerals, place after title page.
  • If paginated in arabic numerals, keep original pagination (to avoid breaking current pagination).
  • If there is no annual summary, gather individual summaries (or individual tables of contents) of each issue and place them after the title page in numerical and/or chronological order.
  • If there is an annual summary as well as individual summaries (in each issue), discard individual summaries if pagination permits it.

5) Advertising:

  • If paginated, preserve advertising in original pagination.
  • If not paginated, remove advertising.
  • If not paginated but text is present on same page or on the other side, keep advertising in original pagination.

6) Covers:

  • Keep
    • front cover of each issue if pagination is stopped at the end of each issue. Caution! If handsewing or oversewing is deemed necessary (by the bindery) and pagination is stopped, all covers must be kept (front and back). This is due to the technique used in this sewing process.
    • front cover of second volume, if two (2) different volumes or tomes must be bound together.
    • first cover to separate any supplement or document other than an issue.
  • Discard
    • if pagination is continual.

7) Supplement:

  • If pagination is continual, leave supplement(s) as originally paginated. Usually, the word “SUPPLEMENT” or “SUPPL.”, or the supplement(s) number(s) are mentioned in the title of the issue.
  • If pagination is stopped, place supplement(s) at the end.

8) Index1:

  • If pagination is in roman numerals, place index at the beginning after the title page.
  • If pagination is in arabic numerals and complies with the pagination, place index at the end.
  • Usually, the word “INDEX” is mentioned in the volume titles, but only when the tome or volume has been divided among several bindings (so the reader can easily locate the index).


If one periodical is bound into two (2) separate volumes (ex. Jan-June and July-Dec.), place the annual summary (table of contents) at the beginning of January and the index at the end of December. Place the July to December individual summaries at the beginning of the second (2nd) volume.

Preparation Service Billing

Because periodical preparation steps are varied and have to be adapted to each customer’s needs, we offer different types of billing. Generally, two (2) billing categories are applicable: Ordinary preparation and Superior preparation.

We reserve the right to determine the billing category based on the work required by our customers. For example, most medical publications involve elaborate preparation procedures, hence a superior preparation fee is required. Some periodicals also include a lot of advertisement pages which need to be removed. This type of service also falls under the superior preparation category.

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