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Reliure   How to fill out hardcopy version of periodical binding slips (forms M-7)

Fill out a binding slip for each volume to be bound:

  • Write the information required in the provided spaces (see details below).
  • Attach the first (1st) copy to the volume to be bound.
  • Keep the remaining copy for your record.

Blank or computerized (pre-printed) binding slip?

You must complete a blank binding slip (1) for each periodical you are submitting to us for the first time. If you have previously used our services but have a new periodical to bind, you must also fill out a blank binding slip (1).

However, if you are re-submitting a periodical we have already worked on, you can make use of the computerized version of the binding slip (2).

1) Example of a blank binding slip:

blank binding slip

Space # 1: Volume title
Space # 2: Volume number (ex.: Vol.35 or V.35 or 35)
Space # 3: Series number and/or publication month (ex.: NOS 1-6 or No.1-6 or 1-6)
(ex.: Jan.-Sept.)
Space # 4: Year (ex.: 2006) and if applicable, index or suppl. (underneath the year)
Space # 5: Call number (if applicable)
Space # 6: Cloth colour number
(refer to our Ontario Buckram Vellum cloth sample pack)
Space # 7: Colour of lettering
Colour choices are gold, black and white.
Space # 8:

Number of volumes of same title to be bound (regardless of the year, volume, call number, etc., being different).

Space # 9: Name of your institution (can be abbreviated)
Space # 10:

Number of computerized binding slip copies for the same periodical title, as desired for future submissions.

Spaces # 11 à 14:

Space # 11:

Check off NOUVEAU TITRE (new title) if the volume is being bound for the first time.
Space # 12:

Check off MODELE ENV. (spine sample incl.) if you supply a spine sample of the volume (and we have no computerized binding slip for the specified volume).

Space # 13:

Check off CHANGEMENT (modification) for any changes needed to the title, and specify modification in space.

Space # 14:

Check off ECHANTILLON ENV. (vol. sample incl.) if you supply a volume sample.

Space # 15:

This space is reserved for the physical preparation of a periodical and is for internal use only.
PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE. A file will be opened to that effect upon receipt of your first order.

Space # 16:

Indicate any special instructions that we need to take into account.

Space # 17:

Use this space (ITEM) as required to indicate your lot or item number.

Space # 18:

Identification (if applicable)

2) Example of a computerized binding slip:

computerized binding slip

For your next order:

  • Complete if applicable:
    • Vol (Volume number – space # 2)
    • Nos (Series number – space # 3)
    • Année (Year – space # 4)
  • Indicate the number of computerized binding slip copies for the same periodical title, as desired for future submissions (space # 10).

Several copies of the same title: If you run out of computerized binding slips, complete your series using blank binding slips and fill in spaces 1 to 10 (as described in the Blank binding slip section).

IMPORTANTYou must transcribe the number shown in the space TITLE NO. (see left side of binding slip above institution name). This number corresponds to your title filed in our computer system.

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